Presently Blogging

Right, so I’m seeing the irony in a new blog about being present with my children.  I have one of those minds that latches onto things, attaches, so that I can no longer live in the real world.  I can’t sleep, be present or get things done because I am constantly referring back to my new project.  It’s not so bad when it’s a craft project, I don’t mind the kids seeing me get excited about something creative they can join in on, but when my time is taken up with the laptop, and my mind is elsewhere, it bothers me.

So, in the spirit of being mindful to both be a better parent and find happiness, I have to come up with a plan.  Perhaps limiting my blogging time to a few structured sessions per week, and trusting that my ideas will come back to me at those times?  Or keeping notes on my phone until the next session.  I’m trying to watch the thoughts and ideas come and go and let them come and go.  Trying to trust they will come back when I need them, or newer, better ideas will take their place when the time comes.  Watching the thoughts and not engaging seems to be working a little for now.  And if that fails, I jot down a word or two in my “notes” on the phone to jog my memory later on.

How do I stop thinking about it and just be?

I’m assuming this will be a battle for a week or so until the excitement subsides and the new ideas stop consuming me, so until then, I will just have to accept that my mind will wander…

Here are some interesting thoughts on being distracted by technology by Hands Free Mama.

For now I think I will go with the excitement and new-ness of it all, and aim to be spending some structured time in front of the screen.  Never when I should be with my kids, but more as my new job.  And if it were a paid or volunteer job, the kids would either need to be cared for by someone else, or sound asleep tucked up in bed.  So to start with I’ll aim for after bed time. We’ll see.

In these sacred “me” times, I’m going to give the Pomodoro Technique a whirl.  More on it here.

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