How I Meditate

I’m still relatively new to the meditation experience, but am already reaping the rewards.  I have previously experienced meditation in therapy, in a mindfulness group and now in a weekly meditation class.  I have just begun meditating at home, alone, with no guidance from a meditation teacher or “expert”.  It was a bit scary at first, but here’s how I started:

– for me it was like exercise or housework, I just needed to begin, just get started without expectations of the experience being perfect.  I am a lazy exerciser, so I need to just get my sneakers or yoga gear on and pretend I’m in the mood, and the same goes with mediation.  I put a mat on the floor, and a cushion to sit on and sit there before I’ve given myself the chance to talk myself out of it.

– at the moment I’m setting the timer on my phone for 15 minutes, just to make sure I don’t worm my way out of it my doing 2 minutes of breathing and then giving up.  I really want to practice and get better at it, so for me I feel like setting the timer is necessary for now.

– I begin with simple breathing meditation, focusing on my breath.  The first 5 minutes are all over the place, but each time I sit down, I catch my mind wandering sooner and sooner.  When I began it would take a few minutes before I realised I was daydreaming or planning the rest of my day, now I notice straight away, and gently bring my awareness back to my breathing.

– Sometimes I focus on my gratitudes, all the people who have been kind to me, what I am grateful for today and in general and try to really feel the gratitude.

– I return to focusing on my breath, and that’s it!

The hardest part of all this is sitting down and starting, but it’s getting easier the more I see the benefits.


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